What is State Committee?

The Democratic Party is divided into three levels, or committees, with representatives at the National, State, and County Committees. Lauren Trapanotto is a candidate for the New York State Democratic Committee in the 76th Assembly District, which includes Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island. Every Assembly District elects one male and one female State Committee Member to a two-year term. The election will be held on Thursday, September 13 on the Democratic Primary ballot.

The Democratic State Committee has the potential to meaningfully shape the political landscape here in New York for the better, but has served mostly as a rubber stamp for incumbent bosses in Albany seeking to maintain control.

It is responsible for:

  • Overseeing campaign spending
  • Writing the Party’s platform
  • Selecting Democratic National Committee Members
  • Endorsing Statewide Candidates
  • Setting and Enforcing the Ethics Code
  • Encouraging Political Activism

This all affects how the Party operates and the candidates we see on the ballot that are supposed to represent our community. Unfortunately, too much of this happens behind closed doors, which can end up biasing our elections.  

We need a Democratic Party that is strong, active, and transparent, a Party that is as progressive and democratic as the values we as Democrats embody. As your Democratic State Committee Member, Lauren Trapanotto will be a strong progressive advocate for our community and will fight to give the power to the voters. Read Lauren’s full platform for reform here.