The Party is Not the Governor's PR Appendage

As I also shared on Twitter, I have been frustrated by the things happening in State & Dem Party politics over the last few weeks. Here are my thoughts on how the election law and the Party's buddy-buddy relationship with the Governor connect. Continue reading

Safely Getting Signatures in a Pandemic?

Safely Getting Signatures in a Pandemic? Unlikely. A couple of weeks ago, we sued the Governor for not prioritizing the health during a pandemic when he refused to cancel petitioning due to the dangers of COVID-19. Unfortunately we did win our case. We are beyond disappointed. We are frightened. Read our op-ed HERE and below about how the State failed the public in favor of an archaic, bureaucratic process. Continue reading

On the Urgent Need to Cancel Ballot Petitioning in New York State

Last week, New York State Committee Member Lauren Trapanotto and New York County Committee Member Eric Vladimer, wrote an open letter with over to Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, New York State legislators, and the Democratic Party leaders calling on our leaders to protect the health of all New Yorkers by waiving the 2021 designating petition signature requirements due to the dangers posed by COVID-19, and instead allow any candidate who files a cover sheet with the appropriate Board of Elections (BOE) to be on the ballot. Collecting signatures for a successful designating petition creates an unacceptable risk of exposure to COVID-19 for candidates, their staff and volunteers, and political club members through what are essentially hundreds of thousands of mandated, non-socially distanced interactions. You may read the full letter HERE. Continue reading

First Term in Review

Thank you for your support during a wonderful and productive first term. In just fifteen months, we’ve accomplished much within both the State and County Parties, and I hope that you will trust me to continue representing the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island to the New York State Democratic Committee for another term. Continue reading

May 2019 Special State Committe Meeting

As I previously shared with you, the State Committee called for a special meeting on May 22, 2019 in Albany, New York to vote on the Party’s 2020 Delegate Selection Plan. Leading up to the meeting, myself and other reformers were working on a plan to change the Party registration deadlines to make it easier for voters to join the Party, as New York has one of the longest waiting periods in the entire country. I am pleased to report that our reforms were passed! Continue reading

Let All Dems Vote!

Did you know that registered voters in New York will NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE in the 2020 Presidential Primary if they apply to join the Democratic Party after October 11, 2019, more than six months before the Primary!? This is the LONGEST waiting period in the ENTIRE country. The New York State Democratic Party has the power to end this voter suppression now, but only if they hear from Democrats like us. Continue reading

Spring 2019 State Commitee Meeting

On Monday, March 4, 2019, the New York State Democratic Committee convened for its Spring Meeting in Westchester, New York. While the Fall 2018 meeting was quite contentious, this meeting left me feeling hopeful for progress within our Party. Jay Jacobs, the nominee for and soon to be elected Chairman of the Committee, promised to work with State Committee Members to make the party “an effective, strong, and functioning, governing organization,” noting that priorities include: fundraising and using money to help key districts, staffing up the State Party, and working with County Chairs to integrate their needs into the Party’s mission. He also promised to remain active and accountable. Continue reading

Thank you for a great year!

I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for all of your support and for an incredible year. I also wanted to share some year end updates and news about what is coming up in 2019. Continue reading

Letter to Party Leadership

In response to leadership’s unfavorable actions at the Fall State Committee Meeting, I and 42 other Members signed and sent a letter to leadership expressing our concerns and outlining the changes we want to see by the Spring 2019 meeting. The body of the letter reads: Continue reading

New York County Democratic Committee Passes Rules Reforms

The New York County Democratic Committee met on October 29th to vote on rules reforms that we had been working on for over a year with 25 reforms passing unanimously. Though we were unable to vote on the lobbyist ban, these reforms are a big step forward in making our Party more transparent, accountable, and inclusive. You may read the full County rules with the changes HERE. These are the kind of reforms I am working to bring to the State Party, too. Continue reading