May 2019 Special State Committe Meeting

As I previously shared with you, the State Committee called for a special meeting on May 22, 2019 in Albany, New York to vote on the Party’s 2020 Delegate Selection Plan. Leading up to the meeting, myself and other reformers were working on a plan to change the Party registration deadlines to make it easier for voters to join the Party, as New York has one of the longest waiting periods in the entire country. I am pleased to report that our reforms were passed!

At the special meeting, the committee voted unanimously to change its 2020 Delegate Plan to guarantee that:

  1. Unaffiliated voters who apply to become Democrats at least 25 days before the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary get to vote in the Primary, and
  2. Voters who apply to switch to Democrat from another Party at least 60 days before the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary also get to vote in the Primary. 

The New York State Democratic Party has now guaranteed that new Democrats get to participate in the 2020 Presidential PrimMay2.jpgary. Even if New York’s suppressive Election Laws are not updated to fix them, the Party’s mandate takes precedence. Our hope is that this reform becomes law and will apply to all parties and all primaries, as this change only applies to the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted public comments in support of the Let All Democrats Vote Amendment, as we had HUNDREDS of submissions from Democrats across New York State. We couldn’t have done it without you!

You can read THIS press release for more information, and you can find the full text of the unanimously adopted amendment HERE

This progressive amendment was possible due to the work of myself and others on the Rules Reform Committee of the Progressive Caucus and the leadership of Chairman Jay Jacobs.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted comments to the State Party in support of amending the registration deadlines. Your voices were heard!

PS: This was also the first meeting with the new Executive Director Alex Wang, and I am looking forward to working with him.

PPS: We also used our new electronic voting system, which was voted on to be used at all future meetings at the last meeting!