First Term in Review

Thank you for your support during a wonderful and productive first term. In just fifteen months, we’ve accomplished much within both the State and County Parties, and I hope that you will trust me to continue representing the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island to the New York State Democratic Committee for another term.

Together, we:

  • Made voting at State Committee meetings more transparent, passing reforms requiring the use of electronic voting to properly tally weighted votes and requiring candidates to declare candidacy for leadership, with their bios distributed to all Members, in advance of the meeting.

  • Passed the Let All Democrats Vote Amendment within the State Committee, which was then turned into legislation and signed into law by the Governor. This changed the Party enrollment date (for anyone changing Parties to Democrat) to vote in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary from October 11, 2019 to February 14, 2020. The deadline for new voters to register remains 25 days before the election. This is a huge win for our State, as we previously had the worst Party enrollment rules in the entire country.

  • Elected DNC Members at the Fall 2019 State Committee Meeting, with an actual contested election. The winner was Byron Brown, though he had two progressive challengers, who each won about 15% of the vote.

  • Removed gendered language from the State Party bylaws to make its rules more inclusive of non-binary people.

  • Provided grassroots support for 17 Democratic campaigns in 2018, with all but one seat flipping from red to blue.

  • Passed 25 progressive rules reforms at the County Party level.

  • Saw election law reforms like early voting, the combination of the Primaries (excluding Presidential Primary) into one election, and ranked choice voting (in New York City). We will continue fighting for more election reforms at the State and County levels.

2020’s focus will be on growing our Party, continued Party rules reforms, and the November elections, canvassing and phone banking for Congressional candidates and for the Democratic Presidential nominee. I will keep you informed of all volunteer opportunities, if you'd like to help out.

With the combining of the Primaries, we will be voting for State Committee in June (instead of September, like in 2018), and I hope that I will have your continued support!

We will be petitioning in a few weeks, and in honor of kicking off election season, please join me at my Winter Fundraiser on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at Ryan’s Daughter (350 E 85th St., between 1st and 2nd Avenues) from 7 PM to 9 PM.

You may RSVP HERE.

State Committee is a part-time, volunteer, unpaid position, and your contributions support expenses associated with everything from canvassing events to traveling throughout New York State during the workweek to attend the meetings. I am grateful that supporters like you have contributed and made these efforts and our accomplishments as a Party possible. 

Thank you for your support, and I hope to see you at Ryan’s Daughter (with Happy Hour specials!) on February 26th!

Warmest regards,