Election Results (We Won!)

We did it. I am pleased and excited to share that Adam Roberts and I were elected to be the New York State Democratic Committee Members for the 76th Assembly District. We both received 55% of the vote. I will be updating my website soon, so please sign up to get emails or check my Facebook page to get updates.

After months of planning and being out in the district talking to voters every single day, Election Day finally arrived. It was surreal, but exciting. Friends hugged me as they went to vote, and voters, many of whom I had met throughout the summer, shook my hand and wished us luck. Along with our amazing volunteers, we spent 15 hours getting out the vote, working hard to earn every last vote until the polls closed at 9 PM.

Truly, we could not have done it without you. Thank you to everyone who volunteered time to ballot petition, canvass, phone bank, write letters to voters, be at the polls on Election Day, and more. Thank you to everyone who donated to the campaign; your contribution, no matter the size, supported all of these efforts and helped spread our message to voters. Thank you to the friends from all parts of my life and from all over the world who sent words of encouragement. Thank you my former teachers and professors, who've always been my inspiration, who reached out to say that they were so proud of me for running. Thank you to my incredible family. Thank you to my amazing running mate and dear friend, Adam.  And, of course, thank you to all of our supporters who showed up on Election Day and voted for change. 

Over 13,000 people cast their votes in our races, and over 16,000 came out to vote in our district, making voter turnout 32%, which is more than double previous Primaries! This shows that people know that their voice matters and that we have the power to make change at the ballot box. And throughout New York State, we had some other major wins that will push our Party in a more progressive direction, and I am confident that this is just the beginning. As your State Committee Members, Adam and I will work hard to grow and revitalize the Democratic Party. The State Committee will be meeting on October 1st, and I look forward to sharing updates from that meeting and our plans.

Thank you again for your support. I look forward to serving our Party and our community and to representing the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island.